Why nGate

Industry-Proven Technology,
Game-Changing Features

With our IPViking™ technology, nGate is the most robust,
easy-to-use and safest payment gateway available.

Payments to the Power of n

nGate by Norse is a payment gateway worth getting excited about! Based on industry-proven technology available for the first time ever to ISOs and processors, nGate delivers, in a single payment gateway, a collection of game-changing features not to be found in a whole heap of competitive offerings. While patent-pending technology that protects merchants from fraud is at the heart of nGate, our gateway delivers a whole host of compelling features that help retain customers and attract new business.

Neutralize Fraud

Traditional payment gateways turn a blind eye to fraud, pushing detection of fraudulent activity onto card processors and card issuers. nGate incorporates Norse’s proven and patent-pending IPViking™ technology to proactively identify and block fraudulent transactions upon submission. By stopping fraud at the source, nGate helps merchants save on transaction fees and avoid issuer penalties, and helps processors recruit and retain high-risk merchants.

Wow Customers

nGate offers, in a single robust gateway, an array of best-in-class features not found in a whole heap of competitors. From native QuickBooks integration to hierarchical account management to advanced recurring billing capabilities, nGate allows processors and ISOs to delight their customers. Because nGate is based on industry-proven technology not previously available to processors and ISOs, the fancy features and easy-to-use web interface are delivered on a rock-solid processing platform.

Drive Business

More than just a money saver, nGate’s exclusive features allow processors and ISOs to unlock, attack and dominate large markets whose needs have been left unmet by other gateways. And by simplifying gateway operations, offering outstanding features and value, and blocking fraudulent activity, the nGate payment gateway allows processors and ISOs to turn churning customers into life-long fans, increasing merchant retention.

NorseCorp provides innovative Internet security intelligence for all industry verticals. Via our patent-pending IPViking platform, we provide real-time intelligence about the most dangerous IP addresses operating in the world at any given time.

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